The Benefits of Installing UV Lights in Broward County, FL

The health and safety of your family is paramount, and one way to ensure that is by investing in a UV light installation for your home. UV lights are different from air purifiers or filters, as they are designed to eliminate mold spores and other hazardous bacteria that would otherwise be present in the air. Service Pros of America has 20 years of experience installing EPA-approved UV lights to diagnose and repair any indoor air quality issue in South Florida. UV lights can be beneficial in improving indoor air quality by reducing the spread of bacteria, mold, and viruses inside air conditioners, air, and surfaces. Studies have shown that HVAC systems with UV lights can be 20 to 30% more efficient than similar systems without these lights.

Additionally, they can help limit future repair needs and potentially extend the life of your HVAC system. The first step to a UV light installation is to find the right system model for your home. You can also find disinfectant coil lights that are installed inside the air handler to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and mold in the air conditioning evaporator coil. Once you have chosen the right system for your home, you will need to pay for the purchase and installation of the lights themselves, as well as for replacement lamps every time they burn out. It is important to note that UV lights consume more energy than regular lights due to their constant use. However, as long as you don't look directly at the UV light while it's on, it's safe and won't do you any harm.

To get the most out of your UV lamps, you can ask your air conditioning company to send an expert technician in this field.

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